Proof That Ryan Reynolds Never Takes Himself Too Seriously


Ryan Reynolds always makes us LOL. 😂🙌


  1. Posted by kathytlustos, — Reply

    I think it kinda sucks. My parents are pretty known in some circles and highly charismatic. When I would bring friends over they just would chat with my parents for hours and forget about me. And I always felt pressured to behave a certain way as to not shine a bad light on our family.

  2. Posted by niki8467, — Reply

    I kind of want to know what it’s like having a rich and world famous family growing up, how different I would be😂

  3. Posted by arl535723, — Reply

    That would be awesome to just walk into class and be like here’s my dad Ryan Reynolds

  4. Posted by emeraldende5909, — Reply

    god hes such a big mood

  5. Posted by shyshy18012, — Reply

    My old man is like a mix of Ryan and Adam Sandler😆

  6. Posted by clari181, — Reply

    I want him to adopt me SO bad

  7. Posted by elijah2788, — Reply

    I like that mode

  8. Posted by bellerose2121, — Reply


  9. Posted by elijah2788, — Reply

    I like to add on to the game with ryan reynolds

  10. Posted by 6SLS, — Reply

    My dad is just as cool as he is

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