My barber knows



  1. Posted by Billy_Cip, — Reply

    every gender knows about loyalty. It’s just that some bitches of each gender mostly use people as glorified sex puppets, use them for their money, manipulate them and cheat on them while doing so, etc.

  2. Posted by HeheUwUHehe, — Reply

    I know this is a meme but like I hate these types of posts because lots of men AND woman aren't very loyal, but lots of people are but people don't really take the time to know that, you can call me whatever but I'm justing saying what I'm thinking.

  3. Posted by scftviibez, — Reply

    Most boys will act like literal boys.. Most girls will act like literal girls. The immaturity, toxicity & amount of hate for each sex due to experience. We just haven’t found the right ones who’ll treat with each one of another with human decency.

  4. Posted by JeremyBearimyBaby, — Reply

    Some men are loyal, some aren’t. Some women are loyal, some aren’t. SOME MEN ARE LOYAL, SOME AREN’T. SOME WOMEN ARE LOYAL, SOME AREN’T. That better?

  5. Posted by AlmightyLucifer, — Reply

    Guys. It's a meme. Eat rocks and shut the fuck up.

  6. Posted by madeleineb723, — Reply

    Awww did this meme hurt your fragile egos 🥺

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  8. Posted by Theunknown85, — Reply

    Dude men know more about loyalty then woman will ever know

  9. Posted by bedinini777, — Reply

    Fun fact: men do know about loyalty

  10. Posted by fuck_you_talkin_bout, — Reply

    Lmao everyone toxic no matter the gender 😂💀 jk

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