Easy DIY Fireplace Filler Idea (with a Seasonal Upgrade!) | Modern Chemistry at Home


Do you have a fireplace? Our living room has a wonderful fireplace, but we don't use it to build fires. One of the reasons is that the chimney leaks a lot of cold air into the room. We considered a gas insert but it was mighty spendy! For now, we have a Chimney Balloon and a piece of foam insulation jammed up there to help keep out the cold. That works for us, but we were left with a big black box. A few years ago, we were trimming our beloved birch tree (A white tree! How beautiful!) and I had Ben cut up the branches into logs to stack in the fireplace. The white pops off the black firebox and I think it looks cool, although the inside of the firebox could use a good cleaning and touch-up. Add it to the list!