Arctic Fox Hair Color- Vegan & Cruelty-Free


Arctic Fox hair color is vibrant, long-lasting, semi-permanent hair dye that is made in the USA. We are vegan, cruelty-free and contain added conditioners.


  1. Posted by di0fee, — Reply

    God damn! These girls go crazy over aesthetic looks🤣

  2. Posted by prettypettyg, — Reply

    Rudolph the red nose reindeeerrrr had a very shiny noooossseeee

  3. Posted by kawaiiPeaches45, — Reply

    Rudolph the red nose reindeer

  4. Posted by twomanypumpkins, — Reply

    When you’re babysitting and you let the kids play “makeover”

  5. Posted by idntdance, — Reply

    I have a crush on her ☺️

  6. Posted by ckessler123, — Reply

    Will you be my gf

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